5 01, 2019

Top 10 Destination Wedding Places in Montreal


Top 10 Destination Wedding Places in Montreal for great pictures Montreal is a beautiful cosmopolitan city with a European flavor where you can find loads of things to do all year long! If it is your first time visiting Montreal or if you have been living here for a while or are from here, you can always discover new things and places or better

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11 12, 2018

How to take good Christmas photos outdoors


How to take good Christmas photos outdoors It’s that time of the year again…ho ho ho…Whether we like it or not, Christmas is not too far away, and we all know what that means; get your ugly sweaters on, put your best face forward, it’s picture time! Holiday cards, family photos and those very ‘‘natural and spontaneous’’ Instagram photos are also part

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17 11, 2018



High key family Christmas portrait A high key portrait is usually with four light two  light for the background And one main light on the left and fill in on the right always with white background images are bright and soft with a range of tones shooting with softboxes or beauty dish. And the background light ratio is 1-1 and the main light

27 10, 2018

Headshots Photography in Montreal


Headshots Photography in Montreal Modeling Headshot Photography Modeling headshot is required for modeling portfolios that helps models get jobs. The details that need to be kept in focus is capturing the personality. Modeling headshot photography is enhancing prominent features of the model. Best kind of Modeling photograph would be the one that clearly defines the facial feature, facial structure, hair texture and

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15 10, 2018

Top 5 Genres of art photography


Top 5 Genres of art photography Architectural Photography This involves the photography of buildings, capturing the architectural photography visuals that emphasize shapes, forms, colors, the age and impact of the presence of its interior, exterior and design elements that architectural photography will add value or individuality to each photo. For architectural photography, two things need to be focused on, the lighting

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9 10, 2018

Wedding Photographer in Montreal


Wedding Photographer in Montreal Find the best wedding photographer in Montreal the daily responsibilities of a photographer will always remain the capturing of a sacred union’s most precious moments. The best wedding party photographer in Montreal no matter in which ethnic culture the wedding is occurring will capture the best wedding ceremony photography that makes revisiting the memory worth it. So as a professional wedding party photographer it is imperative to understand the specific requirements

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