Five Hot Destination Weddings

With this Canada weather, anyone would need a vacation under the sun, especially when it is minus 30 and the wind is blowing very strongly. If your partner recently popped the question and you are planning the wedding, why not consider doing it in a warm place and escape the winter with all your loved ones? From Canada going south, you can find beautiful places to celebrate your wedding at a good price especially this time of year. Here are our top five of the places hot places to spend your wedding day. Don’t forget your bikini and sunglasses!

Top 5 of the places hot places to spend your wedding day

  1. Cuba

If you are looking for a unique and economical experience down south Cuba should be on your list when choosing the hot destination weddings. With its beautiful beaches, historical city and vibrant culture frozen in time almost, you can discover a new world while getting hitched. Picture this: you rent a vintage car, roll through the Havane streets with your loved one for your photoshoot, stop by the cigar factory, and before returning to your hotel eat some local food. Habana is also a great city to take memorable photos that give you this timeless feel, and ideas such as black and white photographs or old buildings in the background can really make your pictures stand out. In addition, if you go there with your whole family, you can find some great prices, enjoy the all-you-can-drink bars and food and dance the night away to different shows. Cuba is also very safe!CUBA Hot Destination Weddings

  1. The Dominican Republic

Although close by Cuba, the Domenic Republic has unique features for a wedding celebration. With their turquoise beaches and pristine beaches, you can take the best wedding photography there and even enjoy a wedding beach. Depending on your budget for that period, there is a range of accommodations offered going from apartments and vacation houses to all-inclusive and luxurious villas. Punta Cana welcomes tourists from all over the world each year who are looking for a place under the sun to rest. In addition, as there are no importation restrictions, the Dominican Republic offers better quality food which can be a deal-breaker when you are organizing a wedding and expecting many people to attend. If you are interested to embrace the culture of the country you will be in, you can incorporate the arras and the ceremonia contada into your wedding day. The arras is a silver tray of 13 gold coins passed from one of the young boys who participated in the wedding, to the minister who blesses the coins and passes it on to the groom, who gives it to the bride.  This is a way to represent a pledge between the bride and groom to share all of their earthly possessions throughout their marriage.  As for the ceremonia contadait incorporates the guests into the procedure where they all sing together rather than played by a band or over the speakers. Laughs and fun guaranteed!Dominican Republic

  1. Mexico

Mexico is a big country and when it comes to destination places for hot destination weddings, you do have more choice! Since the weather is fantastic, you can think of planning your wedding to be by the beach nearby the hotel or resort you rented. The service is impeccable; the food delicious and overall Mexico has a great reputation among tourists and with reason. Cabo San Lucas is one of the most beautiful places to spend your wedding day with its sublime beaches, dramatic coastal landscapes, you can even try fishing, snorkeling or relax in resorts and spas, after all, that planning. Mexico is a rich country in all aspects; people, food, culture, history, landscape, and weather. You can’t go wrong with Mexico.MEXICO Hot Destination Weddings

  1. Puerto Rico

Less know by the Canadians, Puerto Rico is a very popular destination for our fellow Americans and one that is just waiting for you to discover it. Its golden beaches, colorful sunsets, kind people and idyllic backdrops, you can enjoy planning your wedding in paradise. Puerto Rico embraces all culture and offers great reception and ballroom venues near the beach for all tastes and styles. If you are looking to take some breathtaking photos, The Ruins is just the place. Since the 1918 earthquake, this place has been reconquered by nature and is not a very unique, enchanted and rustic location where lovers can immortalize their hot wedding experience. And why not combine the wedding photo session with some nice cocktails by the beach or even consider this location for when you exchange your vows.Puerto Rico Hot-Destination-Weddings

  1. Jamaica

If you are looking for a laidback wedding with an energetic vibrant nightlife and rich culture, you will fall in love with Jamaica. With its tropical warm weather, you can practically visit Jamaica at any time of the year, so if you take too long to plan your wedding, you still have time! When you go there for your hot wedding, look to explore its luxurious nature, familiarize yourself with its wildlife, especially the colorful exotic birds and beautiful flora. Take your camera with you and capture memorable moments with your husband-to-be and your loved ones! Known for their exotic wildlife, the area bird species and flora will astound you. Cameras can help you retain the memories, but seeing the wildlife for yourself is irreplaceable. Your guests will appreciate the golf courses if you decide to stay in their beautiful resorts and have fun taking part in different water sports games. Jamaicans are also very proud of their culture and finding a different way to incorporate it in your wedding can make your experience a more unique one.JAMAICA-Hot-Destination-Weddings


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