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About Chirag Pandya

Photography requires the eyes of an artist, the technical mastery of a scientist, and the dedication to storytelling of a great journalist. Chirag Pandya was a member of Montreal Dawson College’s first graduating class in the early 1980s.“I thought I was going to be a dentist! But I am an artist.I had the need to express myself,” he says, laughing. “My father was a photographer too.”


Specializing in commercial photography, Chirag shot for international brands like Avon, Seagrams, Mochico Shoes and many others. “It is challenging, you really have to get it right the first time, it’s very difficult to go back and do reshoots and have the same lighting.”
He uses his technical expertise in portrait and wedding photography too, making sure to capture the perfect moment the first time. He honed his skills before the digital revolution. “Working with film and in a darkroom means you have to have an understanding of the foundations of photography.” Chirag has made the transition into the digital age seamlessly, upgrading his skills at conferences and workshops. “I like to keep up with what’s happening in the world.”

To get great shots, he makes sure his clients are at ease. “Often, people don’t have a lot of experience having their photograph taken. Part of my job is to get them feel comfortable and relax. Whether in an after a wedding ceremony, when the bride and groom can relax, or asking a child about a favourite toy to get a natural portrait, I love doing that. I like people – I’m a people guy.”


Absolutely, Our wedding pictures came out just fantastic. We were referred to Ghirag by a friend & could not be happier with the work that showed true professionalism in every pose. The effort to make every picture perfect came out like a true artist. We highly recommend studiozoomtech to all our friends in search of that artistic approach towards perfection.

M. Ohayon

I have known Chirag for 20 years plus and have had numerous occasions watching him work over the years. Most recently he photographed my wedding and his work is nothing but exceptionnel. He really goes above and beyond to make sure he captures every timeless moment of yours to make it an everlasting memory! I highly recommend Chirag for his professionalism and his extensive knowledge and expertise of photography. Here is to many more years of making memories!


Whether you’re celebrating a wedding or coming together for a family portrait session, Studio Zoomtech offers wonderful photography. I’ve known Chirag for over 20 years and can say without hesitation that each project he takes on is approached with only the finest attention to detail. His vast portfolio in entertainment, politics, architecture, and even retail has allowed him to continuously offer clients the widest range of techniques and artistic flair. No matter the occasion, your photos will be handled with professional care!

Theo Dermatis, Editor-In-Chief
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