Top 10 Destination Wedding Places in Montreal for great pictures

Montreal is a beautiful cosmopolitan city with a European flavor where you can find loads of things to do all year long! If it is your first time visiting Montreal or if you have been living here for a while or are from here, you can always discover new things and places or better yet; rediscover old places- it is just a matter of keeping your eyes opened. If your partner popped the question recently and you are planning to get married soon, why not consider Montreal? If you are from here, even better! There are many beautiful places you can go to in order to take some memorable wedding photos. Here are some ideas to help you get creative!

  1. Old Port of Montreal
    With its beautiful narrow streets, old buildings and Nouvelle-France atmosphere, you can also forget for a few seconds that you are in Montreal. Grab your partner by the arm, and start wandering down the streets spontaneously while the photographer takes pictures of you both. The paved streets and the colorful building along with the rest of the crowd walking along with you can give a temporal feel to the photos. And the Saint-Lawrence river is just a few meters again! It is a great destination wedding to consider.Destination Wedding Places in Montreal OLD-MONTREAL
  2. The Ritz-Carlton Montreal
    Are you a fan of the Great Gatsby or the old world glamour? The Ritz Montreal really can’t be beat and is geographically so close by for a magical destination wedding photo session. This historic venue can cater to large as well as intimate parties, depending on your taste, and the high ceilings and chandeliers make a great drop background for your photos. You can even have incorporate classic old-time accessories to your wedding dress or suit.RITZ-MONTREAL
  3. Gare Viger
    Formerly a grand hotel and train station, this 1898 château-style building is now also available for wedding receptions or the perfect photo sessions destination for your wedding to come. With its beautiful stone walls and a romantic heritage feel, one can understand why this place is very popular for newlyweds. Picture red, yellow and orange leaves surrounding the building with you and your partner in the middle, a perfect scenery.Gare Viger
  4.  Montreal World Trade Center
    Do you know that our current Prime Minister got married here? If Justin considered it as his destination wedding place, why couldn’t you? From the outside, it looks like a regular business building, but step inside and you are amazed at the beautiful décor, the reflecting pools, wide windows that allow for a lot of natural light, perfect for great wedding photos! Picture a modern courtyard with you and your hubby in the middle-the perfect combination between modern and classic.World trade center in Montreal
  5.  Rialto Theater
    Remember that dancing scene from Titanic where Jack and Rose spine around the room holding hands their eyes locked? This place which can be transformed in a wedding venue also gives you that vibe, with its 1920s inspiration, this former movie theater located on Park avenue is a great place to take some old-fashion photographs that will be timeless. Inspired by the Paris Opera and with its beautiful Neo-Baroque interior, don’t miss out on this opportunity!Rialto Theater
  6.  La Toundra
    Located in Parc Jean-Drapeau which englobes the island of Saint-Helene and Notre-Dame, you can find yourself lost in the nature a few minutes away from the city! With a wide array of recreational parks and tourist attractions amongst lush green spaces and only five minutes from downtown Montreal, this is a great place to take beautiful wedding photos during summer. Make it your destination wedding hot spot for your photo session!
  7.  Garden of the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art
    Whether you are an art lover or not, you can always find something you love at the MAC museum, especially if you take the time to look at their terrace. In this place where art meets nature, outstanding photos can come to live. Picture a fairylike shot in a city backdrop and this might be the right place for you. Summer and spring are the best seasons for a wedding photo shoot.Garden of the Montreal-Museum of Contemporary Art
  8.  Mount-Royal
    If you are on a tight budget but want to still take great shots, then the Mount-Royal is the place to be. As it is so wide and offer a range of nature, you have loads of choices in terms of location- you can take photos by the lake, wander in the woods, stroll on the side of the mountain, or even have the downtown as a backdrop to your picture, with Leonard Cohen almost winking at your viewers.Mount Royal
  9.  Marche Bonsecours
    One of Canada’s 10 finest historic buildings, this 1847 two-story, domed public market on rue Saint Paul can be adapted to suit you and your partner’s needs. Since it is located in the Old-Port, you also can take advantage of the scenery and have a beautiful background with old buildings from the colonial times. During all seasons, there is a new way to enhance the photos using this location, especially by taking into consideration the river and the big wheel recently built.Marche Bonsecours
  10.  Cirque Eloize
    If you want to be more creative or do something that stands out and is less common, why not take your wedding photo session destination to the next level by considering doing it at the circus school of Montreal? Perhaps an odd location at first, this place can offer a range of possibilities in width and height! You can even get the students to participate. Don’t be afraid to raise the bar. With its high ceilings and space, it can be an original place for couples who want to have a bit more fun while capturing their best moments.Cirque-Eloize

This is a list of ten great destination wedding locations to take the best photos here in Montreal, and it is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep your eyes wide open, you never know what you mind find when turning the corner. And the most important about it all, have fun! This might be the only time you get to do this, so make it about you and your partner and think of the memorable memories you will make and cherish together for a lifetime.


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