Top 5 Genres of art photography

This involves the photography of buildings, capturing the architectural photography visuals that emphasize shapes, forms, colors, the age and impact of the presence of its interior, exterior and design elements that architectural photography will add value or individuality to each photo. For architectural photography, two things need to be focused on, the lighting and avoiding image distortion is key to architectural photography

The most interesting thing about travel photography is that a single photo can change the whole perception of the place, culture or landscape that’s been captured. The best travel photography depends on the different angles and where shadows created are dependent on the time of the day. if you are a professional or recreational photographer when preparing for travel photography look for the location that will create a distinct and precise representation of the location photographed. For instance, view of the Karakoram Ranges would have a different feel and sense to it, each at dawn, at sunset and at nightfall travel photography is not the easiest of professions.

Just like a travel photographer, flower photography has the same things to consider. Flower photography is capturing photos of different flower types, perhaps at different stages of its blooming flower photography would make most artistic capture as per the lighting, timing and of course the angle and distance it was taken from.

‘When you grow to be an expert in bird photography you will naturally develop an instinct when the subject is about to fly away’ as wildlife photographer Bobby Harrison says. With their feathers, flapping wings and often multiple hues, the bird photography best capturing time is early morning and the late afternoons, as the light isn’t intense but subdued and warmer. Bird Photography as the name suggests is all about birds, nests and not to forget about being equipped with a good DSLR with the perfect focal length!

Framing and angles are the two most important things to focus on in a Painting and Portrait Photography. This kind of photography revolves around precious artifacts and collector’s pieces, mostly of historical and sentimental value. Painting and Portrait Photography is successful when the emphasis on the subject at hand, create focus by blurring the background, perspective Painting and Portrait Photography that choose an angle that enhances the beauty of the subject from a different angle.

Photographie architecturale
Photographie de voyage
Photographie de fleurs

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