Five Different Types of Wedding Photography Packages


Most wedding photography packages include a pre-wedding photo session, a certain number of digital photos, an online wedding gallery, the hard copy album and so on. However, choosing the best photography package option will depend on the style you are going for, your budget and a few other factors.

Here are five different types of wedding photography packages to help you decide!

  1. The traditional package

    If you do not know which one to go for and are looking to have your loved ones surrounding you, you might want to consider the traditional package. The wedding photo albums tend to include many traditional shots with you and your partner posing, then posing with the family, the extended family, the friends, and so on. Key moments of the special day, such as the ring exchange, the first kiss as newlyweds or the cutting of the cake will be included in the package of course. Some might said it is too traditional or rehearsed, but for important shots and to make sure no one is left outside of the pictures, it can be a good option. Since the photos are not spontaneous, voicing your opinion or communicating clearly with the photographer about your needs and wants is essential. This package can include two photographers depending on the number of hours of coverage. Often this type of package will include a pre-wedding photography session which gives you more time to take the best shots and focus on details.The traditional package

  2. A la carte –Gold

    Keep in mind that the duration of the photography coverage will determine the final price. For this reason, it is a good idea to know in advance what you are looking for and how much time should be spent on each element. This type of option allows for a good eight hours of photography coverage and editing. On your special day or for the photo session, the photographer(s) will take thousands of photos. They will edit the best ones, but with this package you have access to the online library, which can also be transformed upon request onto USB keys, CD-Roms and DVDs with up to 500 edited and high-resolution pictures. This type of wedding photography package also comes with a complimentary consultation to give you the chance to better express what you want your memories to look like, where the focus should be for the key events but also for the style of the photos. Requesting access to an online gallery from which to pick and choose to share with everyone is a must, and of course the traditional wedding album, actually a few copies of that hard copy is a good idea and makes a great gift.A la carte –Gold

  3. Platinum Package

    This wedding package option is great if your budget allows it as you can take all the time you want without rushing to capture this special day with all your loved ones. The package includes photography of the engagement, bridal and wedding day including of course the reception. Some elements from the packages before mentioned are included in this one such as the complimentary consultation, two photographers for the day, but now also include unlimited images from up to ten hours of coverage. Image the great photos you can take when everyone is dancing and letting loose and the photographers are still there to immortalize the moment without you having to worry about who has the camera and if they are taking a good shot or not. It also includes copyright released full resolution with retouched digital images available on the USB drive and an online gallery with a password for it to be shared with family and friends. Although keeping the photos as natural as possible is great, the more stunning photographs often require some technical procedures done by an expert. If you feel like playing with the black and white style or enhancing different elements of the photograph, this type of package will give you the space to be more creative and have fun!Platinum Package

  4. Videography Package

    Although an image is worth a thousand words, imagine what you can do with videos of your special day. To capture your father’s laugh, your mother’s shining eyes or the general atmosphere at the wedding hall or reception venue with a beautiful meaningful music as the backdrop can make a world of a difference. Over the last years, this package option has become very popular and the demand continues to grow. Similarly to edited photographs or with special effects, the same can be done and even more with a videography package, the choice is yours when it comes to how creative you want to get or what elements or mood you want to see stand out. Of course, the photographs are included in this package with the above-mentioned options, but this special option can be the experience even more special to revisit at many occasions when gathering with loved ones. The film coverage includes morning preparations, ceremony highlights, and the reception until dinner time. There is a pre-wedding consultation as well, and the footage will be edited to meet a limit between 45-90 minutes long. This type of package means that the footage is professionally edited at its highest standard because let’s be honest if you could film it with your iPhone and get the same effect, you wouldn’t pay so much for it! Following editing, you will receive a high definition version of the film on a USB stick.Videography Package

  5. The Whole Package Package

    This wedding photography option also includes an optional coverage period from 4 to 10 hours based on budget and needs. It can go from the ceremony to the cocktails or extend itself to the first dance and the cake cutting. It is up to you to choose. With two professionals and experienced photographers on the set, and high-resolution photos this would seem like your typical package. However, some interesting elements differentiate it from others. Of course, it includes calibrated images and retouched, which are all available in both color and black and white, as well as the digital images accessible via a hyperlink. What this package has to offer is everything that comes after the wedding in different shapes and sizes! Some might call it cheesy or others over the top, but each one with their style and makes them happy! This option also for custom made frames, thank-you cards with handpicked photographs from the wedding, and a variety of accessories. Here are some examples: mugs, magnets, decorative objects or greeting cards, are only a few of the other options available through this package. This is great for long-distance friends who couldn’t make it too the wedding or for your elderly family members that are far away and unfortunately couldn’t take the plane to come to. Practical for everyday life, there is also a great way to keep your loved ones close to you no matter where you are.The Whole Package Package


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